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Just a man who loves real ale, good theatre, and also happens to be a long-time PC gamer with a penchant for sandbox builders and simulations.


Win a Steam key for Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI Platinum Edition or Autonauts or Rise of Industry or Railway Empire (note this key will only activate in Europe)  in my 1,500 Subscriber Celebration "From Me To You" Giveaway!

Ajaxpost Plays 1,500 Subs Giveaway!


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Lets Play series on Transport Fever 2Airport CEO, Computer Tycoon, and Rail Route.

There's also the occasional tutorial and 'first look' video thrown in to add a little variety. 




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More about me! Quick reviews of the theatrical productions I've seen, background stuff for my YouTube videos and ... other stuff!  


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All the latest news and images from my YouTube channel and occasional random stuff that just has to be shared!



Looking for great games  at bargain prices?

I now have my own, specially curated, shopfront -  The Ajaxpost Plays Game Store on Nexus - where I highlight up to ten games I think you would love, if I have a deal on a game you need then using this store will provide the most support for my channel.

As I have used Humble, Fanatical,  and and been very happy with their prices and service I'm delighted to have also joined their partner programs.  Which means that if you use the links below and then buy anything  you will also be helping to support my channel. :)

Oh, and, of course for games, hardware, and anything else there's always Amazon!

The Ajaxpost Game Store
Humble Store